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Cargo Import

There are three sections:

(a) Import Receiving and Storage: for receiving import cargo from aircraft side and verifying into import storage.

  • Strong room/safe for valuable goods is not available
  • General cargo
  • Post/mail cargo
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Perishables
  • Goods requiring cold storage (20c to 80c)
  • Heavy cargo
  • Live Animal (but clearance upon arrival)


  • Due to limited space, please send prior notice of special cargo handling requirements.
  • The Cargo Terminal provides service of arrival notification for the consignee.
  • The Cargo Terminal does not accept any responsibility for late notification of arrival information or incorrect notification.

(b) Import Document Counter: for document processing, data entry into cargo database system, inform consignee of arrival notofication, release document to consignee and issue import cargo form. etc.

(c) Import Releasing: for releasing import cargo to consignee.

1. Limited Time Handling for Import Cargo

Time limit for consignee or clearance agent to get his/her arrival shipment ready


Cargo Type

Ready for Pick-up



Special Cargo:

Live animals
Express cargo
Diplomatic mails

2 hours before ATA*

Pax - Flight


Special Cargo:

Human Remains

3 hours after ATA*

Pax - Flight


General Cargo:

General cargo from bulk/Loose load

4 hours after ATA*

Pax - Flight


General Cargo:

General cargo from palletizing flight

6 hours after ATA*

Pax - Flight


General Cargo:

Cargo from freighter

6 hours after ATA*

Cargo Flight


  • ATA* = Actual Time of Arrival
  • The time frame starts from the time the Customs declaration set has been completed.

2. Import Storage Charge

General cargo

  • For the first 6 days, from date of cargo arrival at our warehouse including national holidays, $0.08 per kg.
  • For additional days, $0.04 per kg.
  • Fractions of 50 kg will be charged as 50 kg.


100% surcharge is applied on the following items:

  • Cold storage
  • Live animals
  • Dangerouse goods


  • Sundays and national holidays are included from the computation of storage charges.
  • Payment in an equivalent amount in Riels is allowed.
  • The storage charges shall be paid by the consignee.