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LAGs Detailed Rules on Carry-On Luggage

  1. Passengers can still take personal liquid, aerosols and gels in containers holding not more than 100 ml each. LAGs carried in partially filled containers larger than 100 ml will not be accepted.

  2. All containers must be placed in one transparent re-sealable plastic bag, no larger than 20 cm x 20 cm in size with a maximum capacity not exceeding 1 liter. The container must fit comfortably within the transparent plastic bag, which should be completely closed.

  3. Only one transparent re-sealable plastic bag must be presented separately for examination at security screening check point.

  4. To facilitate screening and to avoid a cluttered x-ray image, the transparent plastic LAGs bag containing the items should be presented at the security screening point by separating it from other hand luggage such as coats, jackets or laptops computers at the x-ray screening.

  5. Undeclared LAG's intercepted at the checkpoint shall be confiscated and discarded at the LAG bins.

  6. The rules do not apply to the liquid items bought at the airport duty free shops located inside the sterile area or on board the aircraft and packed in sealed transparent security tamper-evident bags (STEBs) by airport duty free shops/airline staff. The receipt shall be clearly displayed in the STEB and the date of purchase shall coincide with the day of travel.

  7. Transit passengers’ carry-on bags will be re-screened and inspected at the transit security checkpoint.

  8. LAGs purchased at originating airports not in STEBs or without proof of purchase at airport shops/duty free shall be confiscated by security.

  9. The rules cover liquids such as water, drinks, soups, syrups and other beverages; gels such as hair and shower gels; pastes such as toothpaste, mascara, lip-gloss; creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, sprays, liquid/solid mixtures, contents of pressurized containers such as shaving foam, deodorants, aerosols and other items with similar consistency.