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Flight information:

What about if the flight is not in the next 12 hours or so - where can I get the information?

If you are looking for general information about flight times, days of departure, etc., you may wish to view our Schedule page for seasonal flights timetables, which will give you a very detailed overview. This can show flights up to six months in advance and is ideal if you are planning a trip or simply verifying flight information, if you are meeting someone in the future.

Which airport does a flight operate from?

To find details of what airlines fly to which destinations from each of our three airports please visit our flight information page.


I am confused about the security process, especially liquids, etc. - who can help me?

Since the new security measures were introduced in 2006, there have been a number of changes to the process. We have therefore such information in the “Passenger Guide” section. There are also some slight differences to the rules, depending on where you are flying to and if you are transferring at another airport.

Why was my duty free item confiscated whilst transferring through one of Cambodia’s airports?

There are restrictions on what can be taken through security for passengers who arrive at one of Cambodia’s airports and are transferring onto a connecting flight. This is as a result of the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation regulations in place at our airports. These regulations mean that all passengers who are transferring through one of our airports are required to clear security prior to boarding their connecting flight.

As part of this process, any liquids, pastes or gels greater than 100mls that have been purchased outside those airports specified by the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation are unable to pass through security. In line with these regulations, we can only accept sealed duty free liquids purchased from the airport locations within ASEAN, or onboard an aircraft operated by one of the following carriers: China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, South Korea, European Union, U.S. and Canada.

Special needs:

I have special needs, where can I get help?

Cambodia Airports meet the minimum standards for disabled access, but we strive to go beyond what must legally be provided. We aim to offer all our passengers good facilities, easily accessed and well signposted. We also want all our customers to feel included in the travelling experience, regardless of any special needs they may have.

Do you have disabled toilets?

The wheelchair accessible toilet is located inside the men's and ladies' toilets.


Where can I store my bags?

There are left baggage facilities at the airports. Please check our “Passenger Guide” section.

My luggage didn't come off the aircraft, what do I do?

Baggage delivery is the responsibility of each airline. For inquiries relating to hold baggage please contact your airline directly or contact our Lost and Found Office.

Why do I have to wait so long for my bags to come through?

The responsibility of delivering bags lies with the airlines and we work closely with them to ensure they arrive on the carousel within a reasonable timescale. It should not take long to deliver the bags but getting them to you as soon as possible is a priority.

Picking up and dropping off / car parks:

If I just want to pick someone up or drop off a passenger, what do I need to do?

All our forecourts are drop-off only - just follow signs for departures and it is the outside lane for all terminals.

If you are picking up, please use the Short Stay Car Parks which are well sign-posted. Please note charges apply. Check our
Passenger Guide section for Car Park information.

Where do I park?

It will depend on how long your stay here is - for full information about the different types of car parking available, car park locations and prices, please visit our Passenger Guide pages.